Make a Memory Collage

Remember all the things that your senior has done? All the activities and events that kept you busy? All the photos and programs that you have collected over the years? Now is the time to bring all those memories together for you and your senior to enjoy! Collages of your senior's childhood are displayed at the party and then saved for the 10 year reunion.

Memory Collages are due May 15th for school display.

If you miss the May deadline for school display, they can still be accepted at school until June 4th for display at the graduate all night party.

How to prepare your collage:

    1. Gather a collection of photos of your senior. Find ones that illustrate the early years as well as this last year of high school. Be sure to have pictures that include your student with friends plus activities they have been involved in. You may even want to include programs, news articles and tickets from important events. The best part about the collages will be the opportunity for your student and his/her classmates to reflect on their “history”.

    2. Create a collage either manually or digitally no larger than 16” x 20". If creating a manual collage do not post photos onto foam board, use a backing that can be laminated.

    3. Prepare 1 or 2 collages. Families sometimes make one collage of their student’s younger years and another of his/her time in high school or senior year, but it is fine to put all the photos for your student on one collage.

  1. Please laminate the copy of your collage before turning it in.

    1. Title the poster: Place your student’s name on the front of the collage.

    2. Provide ID: On the back, print your student’s first and last name, school name and graduation year. This is important for identification purposes.

    3. Deliver your collage to your student’s high school office by Friday, May 17, 2019 for school display. Collages will still be collected at the school until June 7th for display at the party.

    4. We will arrange the display at the high school and for the party.

    5. THE COLLAGE WILL NOT BE RETURNED! After the graduate all-night party, the collages will be stored for display at the ten-year reunion.

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