The Graduate All-Night Party is a Safe Night for Seniors

The Corvallis Graduate All-Night Party is an annual event put on by the graduating senior parents following high school graduation ceremonies to provide a safe, alcohol and drug-free graduation celebration with many fun activities. Graduate All-Night Parties are held across the United States. 

The party is open to all seniors who are eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies from Corvallis, Crescent Valley, and College Hill High Schools.  Advisors can confirm your eligibility.

The party will be held at the Dixon Recreation Center at Oregon State University the night of graduation from 11:00 pm to the next morning at 3:00 am.  This will be a LOCK-In and students will need to remain on the facilities for the duration of the party.

Your student can reach out to corvallisganp@gmail.com to confirm registration, payment, and waiver submission.


Students may not leave early unless checked out by parent/guardian in person. If you want to know more, email us at CorvallisGANP@gmail.com and we can give you more info.

  ***This event ends at 3:00 am and the District has no responsibility for students after 3:00 am***  

The party typically includes the following activities